NetSolar can help you achieve a NetZero Energy Project

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers for our visitors below. Please feel free to send us additional questions or comments using our contact sheet under the "Contact Us" tab.

What is the mission of NetSolar Homes?

To set the standard in energy efficient homes and become the leading construction company in the Southwest recognized for our unmatched designs, quality and green building practices.

What are some of the services NetSolar Homes provides?
  • Residential Designs
  • Homebuilding
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Green Building
Does NetSolar Homes only focus on building solar powered homes?

The solar panels in the homes we build are just one part of a bigger system; our homes are built to LEED Platinum standards and are the most energy efficient homes in Southern New Mexico and west Texas. We have reached LEED Platinum certification in all of our homes built so far and by including just a small system of solar panels we completely eliminate the electric bills so homeowners can afford a better home and secure their expenses. But we don't stop just at eliminating the electric bills, our homes are also watersense certified, utilizing less water than your typical home with better, more efficient faucets and water heaters, we also have an indoor air quality level engineered to the highest standards, so all together our homes are healthier to live in and with a much lower cost to operate, this is what we do at NetSolar Homes.

How many solar panels does a house require in order for them to be effective?

Depending on the size of our homes we typically use only eight solar panels for homes up to 2000 sq. ft. of heated area and twelve solar panels for our homes between 2000 to 3000 sq. ft. What are some disadvantages related to solar panels? Some typical disadvantages of solar panels are usually that you can see them on your roof and some people don't like them and that they also require a big investment. But in our case, since our homes are designed from the beginning to include solar panels we use low profile mounting systems and by placing them properly you cannot see the panels from the street in any of our homes. We also include our homes with the panels at a very low price and with the advantage to include it in your mortgage, so this way the financing part is already taken care of in the purchase of any new home.

What is the best way for NetSolar Homes?

Our telephone numbers are (575) 323-1112 and (575) 323-1536 and our email address is info@netsolarllc.com. We are also reachable on Facebook at facebook.com/NetSolar and on our website www.netsolarllc.com.